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    A perfectly Clean formulation with unique fat loss ingredients that will cause an increase in caloric expenditure. We use the highest level of pure ingredients that are backed by research and designed to help the body shed water and burn unwanted fat, with low levels of a slow releasing caffein so you won’t have a nauseated feeling or crash once your pre workout wears off. You wont find a better tasting fat loss pre workout as safe and effective as Warrior Fuel HERS.

    • Evodiamine– aids in the bodies ability to shed water and burn excess fat. Research has also been shown that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and and anti-infection agent.
    • L-Carnitine– Tartrate- Is the best form of carnitine for muscle recovery and androgen receptor density which aids in the bodies ability to be more receptive to hormones such as free testosterone.
    • Mucuna Pruriens– is known to increase brain function and regulate mood. It also has antioxidant like properties and helps protect the brain by keeping cognitive and neural functions in check.

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    1. great product  star rating

      Posted by tashavigil21@hotmail.com on Mar 6th 2017

      Great product!!

    2. FOCUSSSS!!!!  star rating

      Posted by Lauren on Feb 14th 2017

      Wow this supplement is so well rounded. I work out at 4:30 AM and it's hard to find a supplement that provides me energy, motivation, focus and drive to get me through my workout. Hers Fuel has helped me tremendously and I love it! I use it every morning, it's fine to use on an empty stomach, doesn't make me feel sick at all, tastes amazing and gives me energy throughout my workout and even after into my mornings at work. I totally recommend this product. Be ready to sweat!

    3. Great Stuff  star rating

      Posted by Natalie B on Feb 10th 2017

      Great preworkout. I've used others in the past and get sick to my stomach. This one works great and gives me the extra boost to hit my workouts hard. Love it.

    4. I love this stuff!!  star rating

      Posted by Yunnie on Feb 6th 2017

      I LOVE HERS. It gives me so much more energy to keep going longer and it really helps my body work hard. I can definitely feel the difference of when I take HERS before working out and when I don't take it.

      The only thing is I decided to try watermelon and I like cotton candy more. Both are tasty though!!

    5. Best Preworkout  star rating

      Posted by Sara B on Jan 20th 2017

      I tried several pre-workouts before this one and it's by far the best!! With this one after my workout I can still feel the calories burn and i'm not tired when it wears off. Thanks Ryan :) been using it for about a year and my husband and I will continue!

    6. Awesome!  star rating

      Posted by Sarah Vieth on Jan 16th 2017

      This is first time I have used a pre-work like this. Great taste and love the energy/focus I get when using this product! Love that helps me to get an extra good sweat going during hot yoga too! I have used this with fasted cardio and wight training especially. I do experience an occasional extra tired feeling later but that could be from being able to push myself harder during workouts!

    7. Best fat burner/ preworkout on the market  star rating

      Posted by James on Jan 6th 2017

      When wanting to slim down this is my go to. It works everyone

    8. By Far The Best Pre-workout  star rating

      Posted by Melissa WILLDEN on Jan 2nd 2017

      I have tried several pre-workouts on the market & have found this to be the very best all-around. Best flavors, best energy pump, no crash following. This gives so much energy I get through my workout & still go for more.
      Amazing product!

    9. awesome so far!!  star rating

      Posted by Brittney Valdez on Dec 31st 2016

      I've only used it a couple of times and its pretty awesome so far. No sick or jittery feeling! Gives a great boost and tastes amazing!!

    10. Amazing pre-workout!  star rating

      Posted by Megan on Dec 22nd 2016

      Warrior Hers is my go to! It gives you great clean energy without the jitters and shakiness. Keeps you menatally on track the taste is out of this world.. even my husband takes it! Cotton candy is my favorite flavor, but all are tasty!

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