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A perfectly Clean formulation with unique fat loss ingredients that will cause an increase in caloric expenditure. We use the highest level of pure ingredients that are backed by research and designed to help the body shed water and burn unwanted fat, with low levels of a slow releasing caffein so you won’t have a nauseated feeling or crash once your pre workout wears off. You wont find a better tasting fat loss pre workout as safe and effective as Warrior Fuel HERS.

  • Evodiamine– aids in the bodies ability to shed water and burn excess fat. Research has also been shown that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and and anti-infection agent.
  • L-Carnitine– Tartrate- Is the best form of carnitine for muscle recovery and androgen receptor density which aids in the bodies ability to be more receptive to hormones such as free testosterone.
  • Mucuna Pruriens– is known to increase brain function and regulate mood. It also has antioxidant like properties and helps protect the brain by keeping cognitive and neural functions in check.

Reviews (78)


Written by Natalie Poole on Mar 22nd 2018

Love my "hers"!!! Won't use anything else!! The BEST product out there!

warrior fuel hers

Written by aleecia on Mar 8th 2018

love this stuff

Great product!

Written by Breanna Gale on Mar 7th 2018

I love this product, I feel like it's not as hard on my body as other pre-workouts and it tastes AMAZING!


Written by Heathir on Mar 6th 2018

I'm a mom of two age 8mo and 2yrs and this product made me feel like super mom! The pink flavor was a little bit sweet for my liking but I'll just add more water as it was totally bearable and still refreshing. Followed product instructions and after a night of minimal sleep I had the energy (with out the shakes) to have a 2yo play date in the am, take my toddler to preschool, lift for an hour with high intensity super sets, clean my entire house, pick up my toddler, chase both babies, take them both to the grocery store, make dinner and all completely sustained with zero crash! This supplement is literally live saving and I'm def a warrior fuels believer now!

Warior fuel-hers

Written by Kayla on Feb 16th 2018

So far I’m in love. The cotton candy flavor is everything! No jitters


Written by Ashley Buerve on Feb 13th 2018

I love this powder it’s so yummy. Doesn’t give me gitters and got me engergized for a good workout without the crash. Plus I got a surprise $100 gift card to Lulu

warrior fuel hers

Written by Jenny on Feb 12th 2018

You guys forgot to put my gift card in for lulu or nike...jk On a real note this is my favorite pre-workout right now.

My wife loves this and id be lying if i didnt sAy i do To! Awesome pre workout and lives up to the warrior fuel standards!

Written by Erronslade on Feb 2nd 2018


Best. Preworkout. Ever.

Written by Andie on Jan 26th 2018

If you like having the energy from preworkout, but not the horrible crash afterwards.... This is the product for you! I LOVE the Hers. Shredded pump is my 2nd favorite. But Hers doesn't give me that fogginess that Shredded pump does sometimes. And oh man, does the Hers make you sweat! I love it!! Plus it tastes do yummy!

The Best

Written by MADDIE on Jan 8th 2018

Amazing pre workout. I have tried so many different brands and I ALWAYS come back to Hers. Hands down the best taste, quality and it actually does what is says it will.

Best pre-workout for women

Written by B on Jan 5th 2018

I've tried a lot of pre-workouts this is the only one that does exactly what it promises. I feel great on it I focus on my workout more, I lift heavier and a bonus it's help shed some weight. I recommend it to everyone love the stuff!!!!

pink burst pre workout

Written by jen on Dec 22nd 2017

I came back to HERS after trying a few mainstream brands that either tasted like straight chemicals or had ingr diners I decided I wanted to avoid. I LOVE the taste of pink burst. Simplicity in the ingredients. Gives me just enough kick to get through my IF training.

Love it!

Written by Michelle on Dec 4th 2017

So clean and easy on me. It gets the job done!

Best One Yet

Written by undefined on Dec 3rd 2017

This is by far the best pre-workout I have found. AND, the flavor is fantastic (pink burst is my go to). I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to improve their lifestyle and workouts!


Written by Jessica Jenkins on Nov 17th 2017

I've been hooked on Shredded Pump for a long time and was using Hers for cardio sessions only but recently I started incorporating Hers into lifting sessions as well and now I can't live without both products ever!!

Best Preworkout!

Written by Yunnie on Oct 25th 2017

I love the HERS preworkout. It's tasty, gives you a great boost, and helps me work out harder at the gym. It doesn't give me too much or too little energy, and I don't feel like I'm crashing afterwards. I use this and the glutamine and it's excellent

All time favorite product!

Written by Michelle on Oct 24th 2017

I used to use Hers and for some odd reason I thought I'd just give up preworkout. After a couple of months of coffee I decided to get this and Shredded Pump again. OH MY - you forget how good this stuff is. It is clean. No crash. And I have never experienced tolerance build up. All around great stuff. Y'all just need to sell 60 servings! I won't be straying again


Written by Kerri Baker on Oct 5th 2017

Love the taste, great workout with it without feeling like I was on crack or anything. Will purchase again!


Written by Josie on Sep 10th 2017

I've tried a few pre workout products and this is the best so far.. I don't plan to change it either...good taste, no jitters, fast results and i just love it.

AMAZING pre-workout I've ever tried!!

Written by undefined on Aug 25th 2017

I ordered the pink burst & the flavor is amazing! I don't get the tingling feeling like other pre-workouts have given me in the past. Even after working out, I feel energized throughout the day & I don't catch myself snacking all day

Clean solid energy and focus

Written by Sherry Rebman on Aug 14th 2017

One of my favorite pre workout drinks. I feel it working about 5-7 minutes after I get it down and i am ready to go and happy about it too! Thanks for making a great product!

perfect for hiking

Written by Jace Guymon on Aug 12th 2017

Best flavor and results I've ever had from a supplement for hiking and trail running. Just the right amount of kick without being so intense it makes you feel sick after long cardio sessions.

Awesome Pre workout drink

Written by Ana on Aug 6th 2017

I just started using this product. Keeps me very focused during training and sweat in places have never sweated before. Perfect drink if you are looking for a pre workout drink. Get focused!!!!!

clean energy

Written by Megan on Aug 3rd 2017

I've only used it once, but so far I love it. The taste is good. I got clean energy without feeling like I took a bunch of stimulants. It mixes so well! No gross powdery taste. Looking forward to trying more products soon!

Best workout supplement I've ever had

Written by Natalie on Jul 31st 2017

Hands down THE BEST!!!! Got my husband hooked as well. I will never use anything else! I absolutely love the taste!

highly recommend

Written by Brandy Elliott on Jul 9th 2017

I love that I still get amazing energy and focus without the tingling with Warrior hers! Tastes amazing too

Love IT!

Written by Mindy on Jul 2nd 2017

I have been following this for awhile and decided to order. I ordered the pink burst the flavor is amazing and wow did I sweat during. I have been using a preworkout for years and this is by far the best I have tried.

Best Pre-Workout Drink!!

Written by Veronica Chapman on May 22nd 2017

I was recommended from a friend to try this product as a pre-work out drink and I'm so glad I did. The flavors are good and I almost crave having this drink at times because the taste is so good. I don't dare try anything else because I know I like this product....and why switch when something is so good. I have my drink during my car ride to the gym and then I'm ready to work hard right when I start my work out. It's pretty much my favorite thing!!! :)


Written by kaylahenderson17@icloud.com on May 18th 2017

I've been a customer for years and I can promise you it doesn't get any better than warrior fuel

First time taking a pre-workout!

Written by undefined on May 12th 2017

First things first- I'm loving this product. I like the energy and focus this product provides to my workout, and I feel like my fitness is progressing as a result. Only reason I didn't give the last star is that I feel like the energy doesn't last throughout my entire workout, but perhaps my body just metabolizes it faster than others. Regardless, I'll definitely purchase Warrior Hers again!

Love This Hers Product!

Written by Angie on May 3rd 2017

I am new to pre work out drinks. I've tried a couple and they have made me sick and keep me up all night but not this one! I've had 2 friend like this product and have also heard great reviews so I thought I would try it. I love it! Gives me the energy I need and it doesn't give me the jitters but makes me sweat 3 times as much but that's ok with me since I know it's working!!! Tastes great as well! I will continue to use this.

HERS is the best you can get!

Written by Whitney M Harvey on Apr 10th 2017

I've loved HERS for over 3yrs now. It never fails me and the taste is amazing! The new flavor is SO good!


Written by undefined on Apr 7th 2017

The pink burst flavor tastes AMAZING and the pump is perfect for a good cardio session!

pink burst flavor crush!

Written by undefined on Apr 4th 2017

I love the Hers product, especially for my cardio! They do not give you the jittery-tingling feeling that comes with most preworkouts and give me energy throughout the entire workout. Don't be afraid to sweat as these products make you sweat a little more than usual, but for me this is just added confirmation of a killer workout! Can't wait to continue to try new flavors in the future! Would also recommend the shredded pump for your weight lifting sessions!


Written by Christine Smith on Mar 31st 2017

I have tried a lot of pre- workout and warrior fuel has by far the best tasting! Gives the right kind of energy I need at the gym!

great product

Written by tashavigil21@hotmail.com on Mar 6th 2017

Great product!!


Written by Lauren on Feb 14th 2017

Wow this supplement is so well rounded. I work out at 4:30 AM and it's hard to find a supplement that provides me energy, motivation, focus and drive to get me through my workout. Hers Fuel has helped me tremendously and I love it! I use it every morning, it's fine to use on an empty stomach, doesn't make me feel sick at all, tastes amazing and gives me energy throughout my workout and even after into my mornings at work. I totally recommend this product. Be ready to sweat!

Great Stuff

Written by Natalie B on Feb 10th 2017

Great preworkout. I've used others in the past and get sick to my stomach. This one works great and gives me the extra boost to hit my workouts hard. Love it.

I love this stuff!!

Written by Yunnie on Feb 6th 2017

I LOVE HERS. It gives me so much more energy to keep going longer and it really helps my body work hard. I can definitely feel the difference of when I take HERS before working out and when I don't take it. The only thing is I decided to try watermelon and I like cotton candy more. Both are tasty though!!

Best Preworkout

Written by Sara B on Jan 20th 2017

I tried several pre-workouts before this one and it's by far the best!! With this one after my workout I can still feel the calories burn and i'm not tired when it wears off. Thanks Ryan :) been using it for about a year and my husband and I will continue!


Written by Sarah Vieth on Jan 16th 2017

This is first time I have used a pre-work like this. Great taste and love the energy/focus I get when using this product! Love that helps me to get an extra good sweat going during hot yoga too! I have used this with fasted cardio and wight training especially. I do experience an occasional extra tired feeling later but that could be from being able to push myself harder during workouts!

Best fat burner/ preworkout on the market

Written by James on Jan 6th 2017

When wanting to slim down this is my go to. It works everyone

By Far The Best Pre-workout

Written by Melissa WILLDEN on Jan 2nd 2017

I have tried several pre-workouts on the market & have found this to be the very best all-around. Best flavors, best energy pump, no crash following. This gives so much energy I get through my workout & still go for more. Amazing product!

awesome so far!!

Written by Brittney Valdez on Dec 31st 2016

I've only used it a couple of times and its pretty awesome so far. No sick or jittery feeling! Gives a great boost and tastes amazing!!

Amazing pre-workout!

Written by Megan on Dec 22nd 2016

Warrior Hers is my go to! It gives you great clean energy without the jitters and shakiness. Keeps you menatally on track the taste is out of this world.. even my husband takes it! Cotton candy is my favorite flavor, but all are tasty!

This stuff is the bomb

Written by Lori E Richter on Dec 12th 2016

I started taking this supplement on the recommendation of my boss who is a fitness model/competitor. She gave me a few samples to try and I loved it. I found that I have so much energy during my workouts, I don't want to stop. There is no crash afterwords. I love this stuff and will not work out without it.

replacing my old standby pre-workout!

Written by Melissa on Nov 1st 2016

I had been looking for a new pre-workout from what I had been using for quite a while but hadn't found a "the one" until a friend suggested Hers. This is "the one"! No jitters, not crazy drop when it wears off, just clean pure energy . The taste is fantastic! I purchased the watermelon & requested a sample of the cotton candy & that is definitely going to be my next purchase!! So yummy, like a pre-workout treat to get me going, & going is an understatement! it gives such great energy, I can get my workout in & still have energy to chase after my 3 little ones! Thanks for the great products!

Only preworkout I will ever use

Written by Ali Price on Oct 21st 2016

Omg this preworkout is the bomb!! Taste is great! New packaging is bad a**. It gives me a great boost of energy without making me psycho also with no crash or jitters. I like that my hands are steady and not shaking when I go to move the weights. I really have a hard sweating just doing normal workouts but this preworkout has the fat burner that really gets the intensity up and my sweat rolling!! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars, it could mix up just a littleeeee bit better in cold water but that's just preference!!

Clean and Pure

Written by Celena White on Oct 5th 2016

This is the second flavor of the hers I've tried. All flavors are great. I love how clean and pure the products are. No crazy pre workout rush or come down. Just clean energy. I've also replaced Fat burner pills with this product as well. And thank you for the sample hers single packets, I was able to share them with some personal training clients and hopefully will get them using your guys products. (Theyre first time supplement users and these products fit all my other supplements in terms of natural chemical, artificial clean supplements).

Warrior Hers Cotton Candy

Written by Holly on Sep 29th 2016

I got a sample of Hers when I bought a cute T from Warrior Supplements. I've tasted lots of energy drinks, Pre and post workout stuff, and this has been my favorite flavor by far! Plus it really does work with more energy and weight loss. I would recommend it to anyone!

Best Pre-Workout I've ever taken

Written by Stephanie Stoddart on Sep 29th 2016

Best EVER. Just wish I could get it locally so I could get it quicker when i run out. I always regret it when i get something else. DOesn't hurt my stomach. Gives me more energy than others. Tastes amazing. Hands down the best product i've tried. No crash like others. Quick shipping, too.

This flavor is amazing!

Written by Whitney on Sep 24th 2016

I've always loved HERS and cottom candy is my favorite so far! Amazing!

Gets me up & moving

Written by undefined on Sep 15th 2016

I love my Warrior Fuel Hers in Cotton Candy. I've replaced my morning coffee with this & haven't looked back since. As a career woman, mother, and fitness instructor, my days are packed & this helps me get through.

Love this product!

Written by undefined on Sep 4th 2016

I have never used pre workout supplements but, I did some research and found warrior fuel supplements. I love this product. I love the energy it gives, the more intense workouts I can do, and I have been losing fat and gaining muscle. Love the cotton candy flavor, could drink a gallon of it.

how did I live without?

Written by Jessica Jenkins on Aug 31st 2016

I LOVE this pre workout! Not only does it taste amazing but it gives me the best energy and focus from a pre work that I have felt in a very long time! Being at the end of my competition season this has given me the energy and intense focus I need to have the best workouts possible! I also don't experience a crash or an extended jitter that keeps me awake at night. It's honestly exactly what I've been needing!! Thank you for creating such a great product!

best preworkout i have ever used

Written by Rylee Gehrke on Aug 24th 2016

I will be a repeat customer thank you.

Warrior Fuel never disappoints

Written by megan on Aug 22nd 2016

Another outstanding product by WF. I have yet to try something I don't like, or that isn't the best of its kind. Keep it coming! :)

Best Preworkout

Written by Jenny on Jul 22nd 2016

This is the only pre workout I will use. My favorite workout product by far.

pre workout

Written by undefined on Jul 22nd 2016

Thanks Warrior fuel for making it easy for me to decided quickly that your product is true to what it says on the label. Super clean with no side affects is so hard to find with so many products out there and available. First time using the Peach Mango and loved it. It got me through a really high rep lag day. I will definitely recommend this product to all my friends.

the best!

Written by undefined on Jul 10th 2016

I just received my second container of this! I finished the watermelon and absolutely loved it. The flavor is amazing and this is a preworkout that makes me feel extra awake but not jittery. Awesome preworkout

No jitters

Written by Lexi Schrempp on Jun 23rd 2016

Tried this for the first time this morning. Got a good sweat goin right away at the gym and had the energy and extra push I've been needing lately! Tastes amazing too.

Won't workout without it!

Written by undefined on May 27th 2016

I'm new to weight lifting (within the past year) I went months without using supplements and after trying this I'm not sure why I waited so long. This pre-workout gives me so much motivation. I wake up at 4 AM every morning and this supplement helps me kill my workouts. I definitely would (and have) recommend this product.

Definitely Would Recommend.

Written by Kenna on May 5th 2016

I've been spending way too much money on pre-workout for not very great products for years now, then a friend introduced me to this brand. It's $15 cheaper than the "best" woman's pre-workout at GNC and comes with about twice as much product in the container as the other kind I used to use too. I've been using Warrior Fuel Hers for over 6 months now and I still have been getting the same great results from it. I would highly recommend this!

My saving grace

Written by Heidi Cross on Apr 26th 2016

FANTASTIC product !! Hands down the best supplements on the planet... I am beyond ecstatic with my results so far and wouldn't trade it for the world !! Thank you Warrior Fuel for making me push my workouts to the extreme :) At 44 years young , I'm in the best shape of my life !! Blessed girl that I found such an amazing product

Best pre-workout I've ever used!!

Written by Jason Fackrell on Apr 21st 2016

Warrior Fuel is hands down the best there is!!

so yummy

Written by undefined on Mar 31st 2016

Loved this product. Tastes exactly like cotton candy. If you don't like super sweet stuff I wouldn't recommend it, but I loved it! Still gave me that tingly feel, and made me super focused in the gym.

best product out there

Written by Riley Garber on Mar 22nd 2016

best product I have ever used, killer pumps good energy! And awesome focus to kill a workout currently using the grape pre train , stoked to give other flavors and products a try!


Written by Libby on Mar 21st 2016

Never taken a pre workout before. Heard horror stories about them and the way they made you feel. My friend had me try hers (no pun intended ) . I love the taste and am so excited to go to the gym so I can have my HERS! It doesn't make me jittery at all! Great product!

Great flavor, and performance

Written by Raquel on Mar 18th 2016

I really enjoy the pomegranate flavor, and knowing is natural. It does what it says, I can feel more alert, and energized. I hope my body doesn't get used to it, because I really am enjoying it. I just added 4 stars because I would like to know how much sugar it contains. Even if it zero, it would've ice to mark it down for reference. I am hope it doesn't have to much because it is a good flavor.

Awesome Product

Written by undefined on Mar 13th 2016

I love this pre-workout. It tastes good and gives me the energy I need in the morning to workout. I had another kind from a different company and it made me gag. This company is good. I bought the watermelon. Yum.

Amazing product !!! IN LOVE =)

Written by Heidi on Feb 25th 2016

Started both the BCAA Pure in Cotton Candy and Her's in Cotton Candy and have to say that I'm in love with both products!! My energy and workout's are insane !!

Best Preworkout around

Written by Lauren on Feb 18th 2016

I've been using Warrior Fuel for about a year and a half now, and I love it! It gets me pumped for my workouts and I feel so great after.

Can take it even with being Hypothyroid

Written by Sandi B. on Jan 31st 2016

I have been looking for a pre-workout for years with being on medication for Hypothroid. Everything I have tried in the past makes me sick to my stomach or makes my heart race. I LOVE Warrior hers. It gives me energy without the side effects. There was a store in my town that sold it. Unfortunately they are no longer here so I order it online. It is defiantly worth it!!!!

The Best of The Best

Written by andi smith on Jan 8th 2016

So in love with Warrior Fuel supplement company. Even more in love with the Warrior Fuel Hers! Thank you for making a pre workout supplement designed strictly for women!!! I could go on and on! Go get it! You won't regret how you feel while working out & it helps burn FAT!! What! What!! Best product on the market for us girls!!!

A pre-workout I can actually stand by.

Written by Traci Kay on Jan 4th 2016

Not only is this pre-workout one of the best tasting ( I got the cotton candy) It's also the only one I choose to keep in my stack. Ive been trying to get away from taking pre's because of all the chemicals and unknown effects it has onyour body but the Warrior Fuel products are so clean, not to mention they don't give me the crazy jittery feeling and then crash at the end. I absolutely love that it also factors in the fat burning with the energy and focus. It really provides everything I need.

Great product

Written by undefined on Dec 27th 2015

I use hers preworkout every day and I love it, I feel great during workouts and I stay pumped I get a great sweat, I'm usually cutting weight for Boxing so it helps me a lot....

Tastes amazing

Written by undefined on Dec 26th 2015

I got the cotton candy flavor, and it tastes so good. I don't have to choke it down like other pre workouts I have. So far I like it!

Great Product

Written by undefined on Dec 26th 2015

I love being active indoors and outdoors. I teach 1st grade all day and when I get home and take Warriorher it gives me that extra help with my energy level (& the extra bonus of weight/fat loss) I need to go play, run, cross country ski, bike, zumba class, etc.. with my family and friends. I love this product. My only wish would be that it wasn't so spendy.

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