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TVP stands for Test Booster Vascularity and Pump ! I did months and months of research to find the most effective ingredients that had proven benefits with zero side effects. This formulas was created to obtain the maximum benefit with as few ingredients as possible. We didn’t want to put a list of a hundred ingredients that were the new fad but didn’t have the research to time to be proven. So once again you will get the cleanest Test Boosting pre workout that will deliver the maximum pump and vascularity that you can find on the market.

D Aspartic Acid– an amino that belongs to the 20 essential amino acid group. Its main function is to serve as a neurotransmitter, it can be found in high quantities inside the human pituitary gland. Research has shown that in increases the bodies ability to produce natural testosterone for a given period of time during consumption and training.

Betaine– Research has show that it increases muscle protein synthesis  which means more muscle growth, increase recovery and more effective training.

Reviews (16)

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