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Shredded Pump

SKU: 000555

    Working out will never be the same! A pre-workout unlike anything that has hit the market. Get Shredded, Pumped and focused in an insane way!

    Pump - The purest form of NO2 delivered into the blood stream. With a one of a kind delivery system to maximize ingredients up to 60% stronger than other products.

    Brain function - A revolutionary choline based ingredient that stimulates the brain more than any other ingredient of its kind.

    Fat loss - An intense thermogenic fat loss matrix that will increase the core body temperature to maximize caloric expenditure in the body's ability to sweat.

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    1. Hesitant, but satisfied!  star rating

      Posted by Jazzi Christensen on Mar 25th 2017

      I have tried many pre-workouts. Most of them just don't give me the kick I have been wanting/needing to power through my workout. I have had a few people recommend Pumped Shredded and I ordered some after I finished my last bit from a different brand. Not only was I surprised that the grape was so yummy (sometimes grape flavor can be a hit or miss) this pre-workout did the job I was looking for. I really liked it because it didn't make me jittery right after I finished drinking it. It kicked in and stayed at a steady "pace" for the entire workout. It's been awesome, and I only hope it continues to stay my favorite.

    2. Most effective prework on the market  star rating

      Posted by Tim Shuburg on Mar 16th 2017

      This product does exactly what it says it does! I work long hours and dont hit the gym untill after midnight. Shreddedpump gives me the energy and stamina to get in a quality work out after a long day. Pumps and vascularity are ridiculous! No sugar or filler and only proven ingredients.
      Super pumped I found out about warrior fuel supplments!
      Can't wait to try Refuel while shed hunting and summer scouting!

    3. Great pumps and great flavor  star rating

      Posted by Nathan on Mar 16th 2017

      Great stuff Ryan and Sammy- the wife and I love this stuff. Thanks for the quality supps and great info you guys provide.

    4. Shredded Pump  star rating

      Posted by Jeffrey Emmerich on Feb 28th 2017

      This product works great!

    5. Theres nothing better than Shredded Pump  star rating

      Posted by Duane Tucker on Feb 23rd 2017

      I loved the Shredded Pump Tropical Burst Pump and flavor but you guys killed it with the new Wild Grape flavor. Not only is the Shredded Pump the best pre-workout on the market but it tastes better than all the sugar filled sports drinks out there. Sooo good.

    6. The product works!  star rating

      Posted by Oliver on Feb 20th 2017

      I've tried countless supplement lines and the thing I like about warrior fuel is simply " It WORKS "
      No add sugar and fillers is key! Thanks Ryan

    7. PUMPED UP  star rating

      Posted by Jake Stapleton on Feb 18th 2017

      I love the shredded pump @WarriorFuelTeam. I had the pleasure of speaking with SAMMY over IG and think your team's mission is awesome and inspiring. I follow a good majority of you guys on IG and look forward to seeing your posts and stories. P.S. I'm ordering the NEW Wild Grape flavor real soon and I'm going to order my girl "Hers"!!! I want to highly recommended that you all come out with some more products that don't have artificial colors or flavors in them like "Shredded Pump". If you had more products like that, I'd buy em all!!! Thanks

    8. Finished TVP wanted to try Shredded Pump  star rating

      Posted by Ryan Brown on Feb 16th 2017

      I finished my container of TVP and wanted to try shredded pump. I'm only two workouts in and can say this stuff is LEGIT. Great pump and the increased thermogenic effect it gave my body was awesome. Flavor was great too. If you haven't tried this yet I would highly suggest it. Plus for me Warrior Fuel is local and I'm all about the local guys.

    9. best pre workout EVER!!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 22nd 2017

      I love this pre work out! It works great and tastes amazing too! Others bother my stomach, this one is really easy to finish the whole serving.

    10. Best pre-workout I've had in a long time!  star rating

      Posted by Ashley on Jan 6th 2017

      I definitely recommend checking out shredded pump if you are in the market for a new pre-workout! I was initially sold on it because of there being no artificial ingredients but after trying it I have fallen in love. Everyone loves a good pump but the focus that you get is on another level! Plus it tastes really good so I actually look forward to drinking it each day.

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