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Shredded Pump

SKU: 000555

    Working out will never be the same! A pre-workout unlike anything that has hit the market. Get Shredded, Pumped and focused in an insane way!

    Pump - The purest form of NO2 delivered into the blood stream. With a one of a kind delivery system to maximize ingredients up to 60% stronger than other products.

    Brain function - A revolutionary choline based ingredient that stimulates the brain more than any other ingredient of its kind.

    Fat loss - An intense thermogenic fat loss matrix that will increase the core body temperature to maximize caloric expenditure in the body's ability to sweat.

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    1. Finished TVP wanted to try Shredded Pump  star rating

      Posted by Ryan Brown on Feb 16th 2017

      I finished my container of TVP and wanted to try shredded pump. I'm only two workouts in and can say this stuff is LEGIT. Great pump and the increased thermogenic effect it gave my body was awesome. Flavor was great too. If you haven't tried this yet I would highly suggest it. Plus for me Warrior Fuel is local and I'm all about the local guys.

    2. best pre workout EVER!!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jan 22nd 2017

      I love this pre work out! It works great and tastes amazing too! Others bother my stomach, this one is really easy to finish the whole serving.

    3. Best pre-workout I've had in a long time!  star rating

      Posted by Ashley on Jan 6th 2017

      I definitely recommend checking out shredded pump if you are in the market for a new pre-workout! I was initially sold on it because of there being no artificial ingredients but after trying it I have fallen in love. Everyone loves a good pump but the focus that you get is on another level! Plus it tastes really good so I actually look forward to drinking it each day.

    4. Shredded Pump is the beat preworkout  star rating

      Posted by Megan on Nov 17th 2016

      I have been using shredded pump for almost 6 months and it is hands down the best preworkout I have taken.
      I love the energy, increased focus and drive I get from taking it - with absolutely no crash.
      I would recommend to anyone!

    5. best stuff I've ever used  star rating

      Posted by trever stubbs on Oct 24th 2016

      I've been using pre-workout on and off now for over two years. I came upon this stuff from my trainer...it's honestly legit. I get the best Cardiovascular pump, I feel like my metabolism is faster, I sweat more, and hardly have a tingle.

    6. Awesome Pre Workout!  star rating

      Posted by Danielle Hite on Oct 7th 2016

      I've always been hesitant to try new pre workouts because whenever I had tried them in the past, they made my skin tingle, red and just uncomfortable. But Shredded Pump was so much different! Different in the BEST way. It gave me energy and focus without the tingles, and made me sweat more than usual.
      Taste: so good! And no artificial colors make me feel better about using it often.
      I hope you guys come out with a few more flavors though. It would be nice to have the option to switch it up but for now, I can do that with the HERS flavors! :)

    7. BEST THERE IS  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Sep 27th 2016

      I love shredded pump it has helped me go to the next level and it makes me feel great!! I have seen big differences in my body fat and in my lifts it is simply the best and purest pre workout there is thanks Ryan and the warrior fuels team!!!

    8. Awesome!  star rating

      Posted by Justin D. on Sep 10th 2016

      Tried it for the first time the last couple days and I am extremely impressed with the added boost to my workout. I've tried a few different products over the years and have been happy with them but I now feel like I was missing out on something better. Very happy with Shredded Pump.

    9. Simply The Best  star rating

      Posted by Richard S on Aug 25th 2016

      I have tried a handful of pre-workouts over the years.. some bad, some good, a few great.. This puts everything else to shame.. I especially love this on leg day. I can push more and harder than with any previous brand. I alternate between this and TVP currently, and am very happy with the results. I would recommend this to anyone.

    10. Focused Workout  star rating

      Posted by britt on Aug 12th 2016

      2nd day using shredded pump and my workouts have been better than normal. I find myself more focused and definitely sweating more. Great product! Love the taste, too! Tasted like a banana smoothie :)

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