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Working out will never be the same! A pre-workout unlike anything that has hit the market. Get Shredded, Pumped and focused in an insane way!

Pump - The purest form of NO2 delivered into the blood stream. With a one of a kind delivery system to maximize ingredients up to 60% stronger than other products.

Brain function - A revolutionary choline based ingredient that stimulates the brain more than any other ingredient of its kind.

Fat loss - An intense thermogenic fat loss matrix that will increase the core body temperature to maximize caloric expenditure in the body's ability to sweat.

Reviews (70)

badass preworkout

Written by Mariah on Jan 25th 2018

I usually get sick with most preworkout, this one didn’t make me feel sick at all. It actually got me pumped for my workout. I could feel myself getting more and more pumped up for my lift. I probably won’t buy another brand! This stuff is amazing


Written by undefined on Jan 25th 2018

Shredded Pump! Nothin but Good about this product!!! Its gives me unreal pump, recommend this to product to everyone!


Written by undefined on Jan 19th 2018

The best Pre I’ve had hands down.

Best preworkout

Written by undefined on Jan 14th 2018

Tried a scoop from a friend and fell in love. The biggest difference I've noticed is my workout length has increased from 40 minutes every day to literally 90 to 120 minutes every day. Also very surprised to find there are no noticeable negative side effects. My last one gave me headaches. Best product I've ever Tried!

great product

Written by Rob on Jan 12th 2018

This preworkout will give you a pump, focus , endurance to create best workouts you have ever had ! I’ve been using a month it’s my favorite and I’ve tried many

Perfect for cardio day!

Written by Destiny Benbow on Jan 7th 2018

Great taste, and gives me the perfect boost to get me going.

Best In The Buisness

Written by Mark Sanders on Dec 30th 2017

It’s awesome to find a pre-workout that my body doesn’t get used to. Iv tried many brands of pre-workout in the last 10 years and the only one I compare it to is BLITZ by Comple Nutrition (which is no longer available). Iv tried many brands since then, Mtn Ops, GNC, JYM, and a few others. None compare to Warrior Fuel. I urge any of you to give this Pre-workout a try. Mark

I’ve tried a lot of pre workouts...

Written by Ashleigh on Dec 7th 2017

I have trained a lot of pre workouts and this has to be my favorite! They KILLED it with the coconut lime flavor and I love how much energy it gave me without the tingles! Way to go! Customer for life!

Pure Pump

Written by undefined on Dec 7th 2017

Feels good, tastes good, helps you do great work. Love it.

best ever!

Written by undefined on Nov 19th 2017

Best pre work out I’ve ever had. No jitters but still gives me the energy I need to get through the hard workouts. 100% recommend

The Pump Is Insane

Written by Chase Allred on Nov 9th 2017

Tried many other well known pre workouts but this one is by far the BEST out there. Gives insane energy and pump but also leaves you with no crash. The new coconut lime taste great also!

Insane Pump and Vascularity!!

Written by Tell Hanes on Nov 5th 2017

This product works! If you wanna sweat and burn fat, get a great pump, and have veins poppin this is it!! It tastes great too! The only thing I have noticed is it didn't completely dissolve but it wasn't bad. I definitely recommend shredded pump!

a good product

Written by Emily Casilli on Oct 28th 2017

We really enjoy this product! I’m not a huge fan of Grape flavor (any grape flavor) but it gets the job done. We love that these products have no add-ins that don’t need to be there!

Awesome pump

Written by undefined on Oct 27th 2017

This pre- workout is the best I've used and I've tried many. It gives me a boost of energy, awesome pumps and endurance. I feel like I'm lifting at my maximum potential with this product.


Written by Nico on Oct 20th 2017

Man this supplement is amazing! It’s not the type to make you feel super tingly and itchy cause no one likes that shit! Its by far the best Pump I have ever had !!! I’ve tried a lot of different types of supplements from different developers and none of them are as good as Shredded Pump!

best i’ve tried!

Written by undefined on Oct 11th 2017

No crash. Really helps me go through my workout.! I recommended. Planning on getting HERS for my girlfriend.

coconut lime shredded pump is unreal good

Written by Duane on Oct 5th 2017

I didn't think you could improve on the Shredded pump, but the new Coconut Lime is absolutely amazing. I want it in all the products now. Sooooo good. The pump is still amazing and can't be beaten.

SO good

Written by Kya Thelin on Sep 28th 2017

This flavor is awesome! I've never been a huge grape flavor fan but still used the product because of the amazing pump - so I was REALLY excited when I saw this new flavor! Tastes like a piña colada to me. Such an amazing product.

One of the best

Written by Trever on Sep 23rd 2017

The pums are awesome. I love the energy. And the lime coconut flavor is the bomb.

great stuff!!

Written by Stantonscoyotedrags on Sep 18th 2017

I used to get mtn ops yeti and ignite till a friend told me about this shredded pump and I tell you what it blows both yeti and ignite out of the water!! My first time trying it I went out hiking checking trail cams and I could just go and go and go!!! I can't wait till their new product comes out!!

solid product!

Written by Yates Prevedel on Sep 8th 2017

I've ran just about all the products from WF. I love the Ripped Fuel and the new coconut lime flavor is way good! Same delivery I expect, every time I take a scoop! Thanks to all you guys at Warroir Fuel for making awesome products. I don't have to jump around and try things anymore in search of what will work. Warrior Fuel delivers!

good stuff!

Written by Riley Garber on Sep 4th 2017

This is my favorite flavor that's come out and stuff never Disappoints!

Best "Pre" out there!

Written by Scott Lawrence on Aug 19th 2017

Sustained focus, great pump, clear head afterwards. Bring back the Citrus flavor!

insane pump

Written by undefined on Jul 20th 2017

Pump was insane, mixes well. You can tell the purity of the supplement compared to other companies


Written by Jim Blecha on Jul 9th 2017

Just as promised. Now I am not really a grape flavor fan, however this tastes delicious. Oh yeah its amazing long sustained energy, No CRASH. No JITTERS. PUMPED UP. Just a great energized feeling, and my sessions are usually 2 hours long. Yeah call me crazy. Just AWESOME, will be a staple in my supplement regimen.

Great product

Written by undefined on Jul 6th 2017

A fellow gym rat recommend this to me. My husband and I both tried it and really liked it. Good pre-pump, the flavor was better than expected--I typically don't like artificial grape flavors. Mixes easy. The effects are felt quickly and last a few hours after my workout. Usually I need two scoops of other comparable products, but I've found 1 scoop to be sufficient with Warrior Fuel.

Best supplement and results are amazing!!

Written by Mandi Parr on Jun 26th 2017

I've tried several different supplements/pre-work yours. This one by far is the best. Keeps you going and makes you push through the toughest workout. I will not use anything else!


Written by Jason Kohl on Jun 25th 2017

I have been using warriorfuel shredded pump for about 5 months now I definitely notice a difference in my daily training routine seems to help me push harder plus I don't feel like I crash I seem to have a good amount of energy throughout the day as well I took a break to compare without my routine is definitely not the same I highly recommend giving shredded pump a try

Good Clean Energy with a Killer PUMP

Written by Zach B on Jun 9th 2017

I'm very picky about my supps and after only using 2 other pre-workouts prior to this one that I deemed acceptable I decided it was time to change things up and give WF a try. I'm extremely happy with this Pre as it doesn't have so much bet alanine that it makes your skin crawl but you get a great boost of energy shortly after taking it. Sweat start rolling with the thermogenic properties and you stay focused during the workout while getting a great pump. The ingredients are clean and there is no real crash after the workout is over. All-in-all its one of if not the best pre-workout I've used. Well done to Ryan and the gang for a great product.


Written by hannah on Jun 7th 2017

I have been searching for an amazing preworkout and I finally found it! I have tried a million different products and nothing has impressed me as much as shredded pump. It's clean, it tastes good and I feel so much better during my workouts! I am so much more focused, I feel like I can workout longer and more intensely and it helps me break a good sweat. I could not be happier with this product, this will definitely be my go to pre workout from now on. Thank you so much!


Written by on Jun 1st 2017

By far one of the best pre-workouts I've tried. It's clean, great tasting, amazing focus and pump. Reccomend to try it, you won't be disappointed.

just what i was expecting!

Written by Hunter S. on May 27th 2017

I'm loving this product!!! Gives an awesome pump and stay super focused with a lot of energy all the way through my workouts. No crash afterwards and the grape flavor is awesome! 5/5

Great Stuff

Written by Colin on May 22nd 2017

I've tried a lot of Pre-Workouts (N.O. Xplode, Black Powder, C4, ON, etc.), but this is hands down the best. Best pump, focus, and results. I recommend this to anyone who asks what type of supplements I take.

The Best

Written by Brayden Barlow on May 17th 2017

I have taken a number of pre workouts. Shredded Pump has great a great taste, makes me sweat more then ever, and gives me insane pump! I'll never try anything else.

The Best

Written by Brayden Barlow on May 17th 2017

I have taken a number of pre workouts. Shredded Pump makes me sweat more then ever and gives me insane pump! I won't take anything else.

Best PWO!

Written by Heather Campbell on May 13th 2017

Excellent flavor with no aftertaste. Gives incredible energy and focus and amazing pump. Nothing else out there like it.

Best Pre workout Supp out there

Written by undefined on May 12th 2017

Shredded Pump is by far the best Pre workout I have ever tried. The taste wasn't something I enjoyed at first but now I've grown to love it. Keeps me in the gym longer and gets me going after long shifts at work. It's the only supplement I order before I run out of my previous bottle. I couldn't imagine a workout with it. I am on my fourth bottle and it hasn't failed me yet in the gym. Same pump today as I got on my first time taking it.

best pre workout ive had

Written by chris on May 8th 2017

I'm calling this the best pre workout I've had (and I've had a ton). For me this doesn't deliver a high power jitter causing dose of caffeine, but more of a very high level of energy during my entire workout. Once I get started I really start to feel highly energized, and I continue to feel this way until after the gym. The only reason I stop my workout is because I've done everything I needed. Typically I'm exhausted by the end and my workout suffers because of it. This stuff doesn't allow me to feel that way. I'll definitely be buying more of this stuff and I've already been recommending to everyone I know that lifts.


Written by Clyde Reaveley on Apr 28th 2017

I have always hated anything grape flavor especially pre workouts so i was nervous to try this flavor which is why i have akways stuck with tvp over shredded pump but when i tried it i was really surprised with the flavor i could actually stand the test! My first training sesh i really wanted to get the most out of it so i did the best kind of hypertrophy workout i could with lots of supersets and drop sets and i got some of the best pump i have had in months and my gym shirt was covered in sweat from top to bottom! Great product! Good job!

Good taste, Awesome pump!!

Written by Enid on Apr 20th 2017

A must have pre -workout hands down!!!!


Written by Tyler Hutchison on Apr 16th 2017

I love this stuff the pump and energy I get is unmatched by other preworkouts!! A must have for my workouts!!

Delicious and potent

Written by rachael chiarelli on Apr 11th 2017

Love the new grape flavor and the mood booster this product provides. You can feel it working within a few minutes!

Hesitant, but satisfied!

Written by Jazzi Christensen on Mar 25th 2017

I have tried many pre-workouts. Most of them just don't give me the kick I have been wanting/needing to power through my workout. I have had a few people recommend Pumped Shredded and I ordered some after I finished my last bit from a different brand. Not only was I surprised that the grape was so yummy (sometimes grape flavor can be a hit or miss) this pre-workout did the job I was looking for. I really liked it because it didn't make me jittery right after I finished drinking it. It kicked in and stayed at a steady "pace" for the entire workout. It's been awesome, and I only hope it continues to stay my favorite.

Most effective prework on the market

Written by Tim Shuburg on Mar 16th 2017

This product does exactly what it says it does! I work long hours and dont hit the gym untill after midnight. Shreddedpump gives me the energy and stamina to get in a quality work out after a long day. Pumps and vascularity are ridiculous! No sugar or filler and only proven ingredients. Super pumped I found out about warrior fuel supplments! Can't wait to try Refuel while shed hunting and summer scouting!

Great pumps and great flavor

Written by Nathan on Mar 16th 2017

Great stuff Ryan and Sammy- the wife and I love this stuff. Thanks for the quality supps and great info you guys provide.

Shredded Pump

Written by Jeffrey Emmerich on Feb 28th 2017

This product works great!

Theres nothing better than Shredded Pump

Written by Duane Tucker on Feb 23rd 2017

I loved the Shredded Pump Tropical Burst Pump and flavor but you guys killed it with the new Wild Grape flavor. Not only is the Shredded Pump the best pre-workout on the market but it tastes better than all the sugar filled sports drinks out there. Sooo good.

The product works!

Written by Oliver on Feb 20th 2017

I've tried countless supplement lines and the thing I like about warrior fuel is simply " It WORKS " No add sugar and fillers is key! Thanks Ryan


Written by Jake Stapleton on Feb 18th 2017

I love the shredded pump @WarriorFuelTeam. I had the pleasure of speaking with SAMMY over IG and think your team's mission is awesome and inspiring. I follow a good majority of you guys on IG and look forward to seeing your posts and stories. P.S. I'm ordering the NEW Wild Grape flavor real soon and I'm going to order my girl "Hers"!!! I want to highly recommended that you all come out with some more products that don't have artificial colors or flavors in them like "Shredded Pump". If you had more products like that, I'd buy em all!!! Thanks

Finished TVP wanted to try Shredded Pump

Written by Ryan Brown on Feb 16th 2017

I finished my container of TVP and wanted to try shredded pump. I'm only two workouts in and can say this stuff is LEGIT. Great pump and the increased thermogenic effect it gave my body was awesome. Flavor was great too. If you haven't tried this yet I would highly suggest it. Plus for me Warrior Fuel is local and I'm all about the local guys.

best pre workout EVER!!

Written by undefined on Jan 22nd 2017

I love this pre work out! It works great and tastes amazing too! Others bother my stomach, this one is really easy to finish the whole serving.

Best pre-workout I've had in a long time!

Written by Ashley on Jan 6th 2017

I definitely recommend checking out shredded pump if you are in the market for a new pre-workout! I was initially sold on it because of there being no artificial ingredients but after trying it I have fallen in love. Everyone loves a good pump but the focus that you get is on another level! Plus it tastes really good so I actually look forward to drinking it each day.

Shredded Pump is the beat preworkout

Written by Megan on Nov 17th 2016

I have been using shredded pump for almost 6 months and it is hands down the best preworkout I have taken. I love the energy, increased focus and drive I get from taking it - with absolutely no crash. I would recommend to anyone!

best stuff I've ever used

Written by trever stubbs on Oct 24th 2016

I've been using pre-workout on and off now for over two years. I came upon this stuff from my's honestly legit. I get the best Cardiovascular pump, I feel like my metabolism is faster, I sweat more, and hardly have a tingle.

Awesome Pre Workout!

Written by Danielle Hite on Oct 7th 2016

I've always been hesitant to try new pre workouts because whenever I had tried them in the past, they made my skin tingle, red and just uncomfortable. But Shredded Pump was so much different! Different in the BEST way. It gave me energy and focus without the tingles, and made me sweat more than usual. Taste: so good! And no artificial colors make me feel better about using it often. I hope you guys come out with a few more flavors though. It would be nice to have the option to switch it up but for now, I can do that with the HERS flavors! :)


Written by undefined on Sep 27th 2016

I love shredded pump it has helped me go to the next level and it makes me feel great!! I have seen big differences in my body fat and in my lifts it is simply the best and purest pre workout there is thanks Ryan and the warrior fuels team!!!


Written by Justin D. on Sep 10th 2016

Tried it for the first time the last couple days and I am extremely impressed with the added boost to my workout. I've tried a few different products over the years and have been happy with them but I now feel like I was missing out on something better. Very happy with Shredded Pump.

Simply The Best

Written by Richard S on Aug 25th 2016

I have tried a handful of pre-workouts over the years.. some bad, some good, a few great.. This puts everything else to shame.. I especially love this on leg day. I can push more and harder than with any previous brand. I alternate between this and TVP currently, and am very happy with the results. I would recommend this to anyone.

Focused Workout

Written by britt on Aug 12th 2016

2nd day using shredded pump and my workouts have been better than normal. I find myself more focused and definitely sweating more. Great product! Love the taste, too! Tasted like a banana smoothie :)

great pre workout!

Written by Heather Hart on Aug 11th 2016

It definitely gives me the energy to crush my workouts!

Absolutely insane focus!

Written by Eric on Aug 9th 2016

This product blew my mind! Never had such focus with a pre-workout before and I've tried quite a few! Amazing energy and pump too without the jitters! Definitely a fan and have recommended it to others already! Very interested as to how such focus could be achieved! Kudos! Will be using this product from here on out!

Best pump product I have tried

Written by Megan Van Vleet on Jul 16th 2016

Took Shredded Pump for the first time this morning and it blew away my expectations. Absolutely amazing taste; smooth energy (aka no jitters) and extreme focus. Made me even more amped to lift. Will definitely be using this from here on out.

energy boost!

Written by undefined on Jul 15th 2016

You can for sure feel the boost of energy! I was able to push myself even further and make some PRs happen. The taste is really good and no bad after taste. No crazy jitters and crashes later in the day. Overall I will re-purchase and interested in other product lines. 4 stars due to price

clean energy!!

Written by ariana on Jul 9th 2016

I've used many different pre workouts (powder, liquid and pills) and I've got to say Warrior Fuel knows what they are doing. I purchased the Tropical Burst flavor. I'm usually a strawberry or watermelon gal but I wanted to give this flavor a shot. it's very soft and does not have an awkward after taste. I get an amazing pump and it doesn't upset my stomach. Thank You Warrior Fuel for doing it right!!!

I'm never buying another preworkout again.

Written by nateinMT on Jul 8th 2016

This stuff is unreal, I've tried C4, Hyde, PreJym, BPI, Chaoticlabz, and plenty other pre workouts on the market... This stuff is hands down is the best preworkout around! Thanks for a great product- I loved the pump and the energy after a long day!

my favorite by far

Written by Jeremy Newsome on Jun 13th 2016

Live this preworkout, the pump is awesome, the flavor is great, and I'm getting a fat burner at the same time. A lil on the pricey side but worth it considering what Ryan and warrior fuel are about.

Great stuff!

Written by hates larry on May 20th 2016

Took a minute to get since it was out of stock. Once I ordered came in like 2 days. Tons of energy and great pump.

awesome product

Written by Jeremy Newsome on Apr 28th 2016

Great taste great pump can't get enough


Written by Gary P. Duran on Apr 25th 2016

Over the past 5 years I have bought and consumed numerous pre-workouts; probably more than I should have. I can easily say that out of all of the pre-workouts I have taken, Shredded Pump is the best pre-workout that I have ever taken. The energy lasts and there is no crash. Also there are no weird side effects (e.g. stomach pains, heart racing, bad after taste, etc.). The energy is controllable, which is nice because many of us know a time when we took pre-workout and then something came up before we could head to the gym. This pre-workout has taken my training for an upcoming IRONMAN70.3 to the next level and has been great for finals week studying and test taking. I fly through assignments with intense focus and do very well on my exams. Overall, this is the best pre-workout that I have ever taken and will continue to use it in the future. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Shredded pump delivers

Written by Jeffrey Flowers on Apr 22nd 2016

If you are looking for a great Pre-workout then throw everything else out the door! Shredded Pump delivers great focus, insane pump, and it tastes great! Warrior Fuel has good customer service and makes quality products! Do yourself a favor and try this!

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