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Must Have!!

Written by Chase Allred on Nov 9th 2017

The first time I tried this I was hiking out of a deep canyon and my legs started cramping and felt dead for some reason, my friend happened to have some in his pack so I tried it out, literally 10 minutes later my legs felt fresh, I was hydrated, and felt 110 times better. For sure get this if you put your body through intense hikes or training it will do wonders for your muscles.

Gets me going in the morning

Written by Sean on Oct 16th 2017

I fill my blender bottle with Re_Fuel for my morning commute. Always does a good job of preparing me for my day of work.

best supplements on the market

Written by bennett bradford on Sep 9th 2017

I've tried multiple supplements in the past and never had the results that I've had using all of the warrior fuel products! I can't go I. The Hills without it!

Hydration is KEY

Written by eburbur on Jul 25th 2017

I am a hunter as well as a bodybuilding NPC athlete. I train 5x a week, 2x a day. I sweat.. ALOT. I started experiencing muscle cramps and purchased this product for the sake of my long duration hikes/cardio . After 2 days, so roughly 4 servings I no longer am experiencing muscle cramps. Prior to purchasing ReFeul I tried the basics such as increasing my water intake (simple enough) and even supplementing with Taurine .. That alone didn't help. Very impressed with ReFuel..! I went ahead and purchased the BCAA Pure, and BCAA . No complaints. Not a single one.

Excellent for hiking and back packing

Written by Davis Burroughs on Jul 3rd 2017

The single serve packs makes this product even more convenient and useful in the real world. You literally feel the difference after a few weeks of using it then not using it.

A Real Game Changer !

Written by Jess on Mar 2nd 2017

Bought a bottle at the Western Hunt Expo, looking for something to help me recover better for my back country archery elk hunts. I have a Jiu Jitsu tournament coming up so I figured this is a good time to test the product since I'm training hard twice a day. All I can say is this stuff is phenomenal! I've been using it every day for two weeks, and have noticed a significant increase in my hydration, recovery, and stamina during training. My favorite part is the transparency on the nutrition label. They tell you exactly what's in ReFuel, and it's all real, simple, proven ingredients. I can't stand supplements that try to trick you by listing something like "Explosive Energy Matrix", and then don't tell you what's in it. The taste is great, and it's really enjoyable to drink after a tough workout and/or first thing in the morning. I haven't finished yet, but I've already ordered my second so that I don't run out. This stuff is definitely going to be in my pack this hunting season!

Great product to keep you going!

Written by Cory Hart on Feb 20th 2017

I've used this product over the past 6 months or so. From Archery hunting in Oregon and New Mexico during some of the hottest days of the year, to 11,000ft in the mountains of Colorado. These were 10-14 day hunts and a few other smaller hunting trips, shed hunts, etc thrown in there. It's kept me hydrated, I haven't cramped up, and I really feel like it gives me that extra edge on not feeling fatigued as easily. I'm not going to lie and say it makes you be able to hike 40 miles a day in the harshest conditions and not feel it. But honestly it's a great product, gives me that extra endurance and I haven't tried anything up until ReFuel that I could talk this highly about. I've tried a lot! Give it a try. It tastes great, mixes great, and flat out works.

excellent for hunting

Written by Jace Guymon on Dec 24th 2016

I have spent two days lion hunting off a snowmobile and have felt great all day while using this product. Definitly kept me feeling fresh and free of fatigue despite the long hours of extreme physical activity, I will definitly have it with me from now on.

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