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    We use a pharmaceutical grade 2:1:1 ratio of Branch Chain Amino Acids. Which have been clinically studied and PROVEN to effectively aid in muscle repair, growth, muscular energy and even fat loss. In a University study BCAA products with inflated ratios of 8:1:1 or even 10:1:1 show no added benefit over their 2:1:1 counterpart.

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    1. best bcca's out there!  star rating

      Posted by kk on Aug 28th 2017

      I first tried this as a sample and I was hooked. Amazing flavor and mixes soooooo well!! With most bcaas you can always see something floating around and then it has that bad after taste. Does not happen with this! I recently had a baby and stopped all supplements while I was pregnant. This was the first thing I ordered after he was born, I craved it so bad! I will continue to order over and over :)

    2. second to none  star rating

      Posted by Luke Kelso on Aug 20th 2017

      The BCCA pure is by far the best BCCA's I've ever had. The taste is awesome and this product truly works. During and after every workout or run my body craves the Banna Taffy a complete re-fuel for my body. I went one week without any BCCA's and this is when I was completely convinced how well the product works I was considerably tired after every workout and sore for days I found my self doing less because I knew I didn't have any product in my pantry. Needless to say I will always have some now. Thanks warrior fuel for a awesome product.

    3. Never felt so hydrated!  star rating

      Posted by Megan Parke on Aug 14th 2017

      I absolutely love warrior fuel BCAA's because I feel completely hydrated when I drink them during a tough workout. The

    4. Pure is right  star rating

      Posted by Jessica on Aug 13th 2017

      So I am so amazed! The consistency of the powder is super fine and when mixed in my bottle it completely dissociates and looks as if I'm drinking water. No weird added colors or clumpy powder. I'm super impressed.
      Also, got the cotton candy because it was on sale but was nervous because cotton candy flavors are normally too sweet but this surprised me. I'm loving it!!

    5. BCAA review  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 4th 2017

      I've only takin it a few times, but so far it seems like it pretty good stuff.

    6. just like the candy  star rating

      Posted by Janice on Jul 25th 2017

      Best tasting BCAA! I feel satiated when taking this supplement! For some reason it abolishes my cravings!

    7. shit is bomb!  star rating

      Posted by Yates Prevedel on Jul 17th 2017

      Love this stuff!

    8. so yummy!  star rating

      Posted by Kayla Lynn on Jun 27th 2017

      The Swedish gummy flavor is delicious! And only 5 calories per serving! I like that there isn't any coloring.

    9. taste  star rating

      Posted by Emily Casilli on Jun 24th 2017

      Just started taking it so unsure of affects however delicious

    10. Banana Taffy BCAA  star rating

      Posted by Marci Barnes on Jun 24th 2017

      This is the best tasting BCAA around!! It will always be my favorite!

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